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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that uses a form of deep relaxation to help individuals access their subconscious mind and make positive changes in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It is a safe and natural way to address various issues, including stress, anxiety, phobias, habits and more.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

During a hypnotherapy session, I will guide you into a relaxed state of consciousness, known as trance. In this state, your mind becomes more receptive to suggestions and insights. I can then work with you to explore and reframe negative thought patterns and behaviours.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

Yes, hypnotherapy is safe when conducted by a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist. You remain in control throughout the session and cannot be made to do anything against your will. It is not mind control, but rather a collaborative process to help you achieve your goals.

What Conditions Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

Hypnotherapy can be effective for a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

    • Anxiety and stress management
    • Phobias and fears
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight management
    • Sleep disorders
    • Pain management
    • Self-esteem and confidence issues
    • Performance enhancement (e.g., sports, public speaking)
    • Behavioural changes and much more.
How Many Sessions Will I Need?

I pride myself on resolving issues for my clients in the least amount of sessions possible. However, the number of sessions required varies depending on individual goals and the nature of the issue. Generally, most issues can take between 3-5 sessions to fully resolve, while others may require more ongoing support.

What Happens During an Initial Consultation Session?

When you first come for hypnotherapy, it’s important that we start by discussing your presenting issue and what your concerns are. Once we have established the issue – we can work together to set goals for where you’d like to be. Then I will do a short hypnotherapy session to lay the foundations for dealing with the issue in your next standard hypnotherapy session which is tailored specifically to you.

What Happens During a Standard Hypnotherapy Session?

With the foundation work in place from your initial consultation session, we will move on to the main hypnotherapy treatment. I usually start the session by finding out how things have been since your last session and if there is anything else you’d like to add or any questions you have. Then I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation where I can work with your subconscious mind to address and resolve your specific needs to achieve your desired outcome.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Most people can be hypnotised to some extent, but the level of susceptibility may vary. I use a variety of techniques to ensure that you achieve the necessary level of trance for effective therapy.

Will I Be Conscious During Hypnosis?

Yes, you will remain conscious and aware during hypnosis. It is a heightened state of focus and relaxation; it’s not unconsciousness or sleep.

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