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I will confess that I was a bit unsure about hypnotherapy or whether it would actually even work on me, but after a few sessions with Kate I now cannot recommend it highly enough. Despite many years of plane phobia, I managed to go away with minimal worry for the first time in my adult life, on a long haul trip to Asia. Kate is friendly and professional, and spends time understanding you and what you need from the sessions. During hypno you remain fully conscious and awake but are in a state I can only describe as more relaxed than you can imagine. To be honest, I'm still slightly stunned by how effective it was, especially as I was a little uncertain or sceptical to begin with. If you're considering hypnotherapy, I unreservedly recommend contacting Regenerate; I found the whole experience transformative and I'm sure many others will benefit from her clearly expert, yet reassuring and empathetic, approach.
I cannot recommend Kate enough! She has helped me conquer my fear of flying, and tailored my sessions specifically to accommodate my ADHD. From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was calming and welcoming, which made a huge difference for someone like me. If you're dealing with a fear or phobia - especially if you have ADHD - this is the place to seek help. Kate truly understands individual needs and tailors her approach. It's been life changing for me. Thank you!
A fantastic experience in Kate's therapy room. She really helped me with my issue and I took away a technique to use every time I find myself jaw grinding. I felt so relaxed and able to discuss what was going on for me as Kate was very approachable. I highly recommend her if you are thinking of giving hypnotherapy a go.
I was made to feel so welcome and at ease. I can’t believe what a difference this has made to my daily life. I really appreciate everything, and I couldn’t recommend this enough. Thank you.
After years of lying awake most of the night or waking up after only an hour or so, thanks to my sessions with Kate I now fall asleep and stay asleep until a sensible time in the morning - thanks Kate.
Excellent hypnotist. Kate is friendly, understanding, professional and reassuring. Very relaxing and insightful. The room used is calm and peaceful. I would not hesitate to book again.